Bulldogs Find a Cowbell in the Queen City

1) a bell hung around a cow’s neck in order to help locate the animal by the noise it makes
2) a symbol of school spirit for Mississippi State fans
3) a restaurant located in Uptown Charlotte

When Mississippi State was selected to the 2015 Belk Bowl their fans didn’t know what to expect from a city their Bulldogs had never played in. They knew about the NFL stadium, beautiful Uptown, and the Carrie Underwood concert, but one of the biggest surprises was a burger joint named after the ultimate symbol of their fan hood.

Cowbell Burger & Whiskey Bar is located in Uptown Charlotte and is known for its tremendous burgers and atmosphere, but it was the name that drove hundreds of Bulldog fans through its doors.

This is because the cowbell is a critical part of being a supporter of the Bulldogs with their fans take great pride in decorating these obnoxiously loud iron pieces and passing them through generations of their families.

Therefore, when deciding on where to eat the choice was a no brainer.

“Obviously, Mississippi State fans are going to be drawn to a place called Cowbell,” said HailStateBEAT Digital Media Reporter Bob Carskadon. “The food was great, and on top of that, the staff was incredibly welcoming and helpful. It was a natural fit for a group of fans who love good food, good people and clanging.”

“The Mississippi State fans were great,” added Brittany Richardson, manager at Cowbell. “They were going crazy with their bells. Not sure how they found out about us but we were glad they did.”

“We had a two hour wait all weekend,” Richardson added. “The fans were happy, fun and ate and drank a lot. One fan even donated their cowbell which we have stored behind the bar.”

While the Bulldogs will be traveling to a different bowl this year, it is clear that they left their mark on the Queen City and when they return Cowbell will be sure to welcome them with open doors and a raucous CLANGA.

By: Helen Sowell

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